Full Interview With Cynthia Marangwanda-Banda

A few weeks ago we let you in on part that interview with Zim poetess Cynthia Marangwanda-Banda. Here is the full piece, we hope this inspires you too…

What’s the Dream?

My vision is to write memorable insightful and intelligent words that have the power to radically shift the minds of those that come in contact them, to be known as a ground breaking and fearless creator and to make highly experimental and innovative art.

Why do you do what you do?

I do what I do because it’s in my DNA, it’s genetic for me. I inherited my passion for words and my artistic personality from my late grandfather John W. Marangwanda who was a published author. Creativity comes naturally to me, it’s an effortless process.

What’s your one piece/ project/ work of art that you wish more people knew you for?

I’m known as a spoken-word poet and performer but I wish people knew that I’m actually a literary writer at heart and my goal is to have a book published in the near-future. I have a deep love and respect for the written word and for literature as a whole.

Who do you love the most in your life?

I love my parents and siblings the most. I have the most supportive and caring family in the entire world and I’m very, very grateful for them. I also adore my wonderful husband.

The advice you would give to whoever you were 5 years ago…

Stop being so damn impatient. Enjoy walking the creative journey, there’s no need to rush. Your dreams will certainly come true but probably not in the way you expect so let go and learn to trust in something higher and wiser than yourself. Always remember that you were born to be free, that art runs in your bloodstream and you have no choice but to create. And never stop imagining.


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