INSPIRATION: AfroFresco Outdoor Exhibition 2014

From the 28th to the 30th of March, AfroFresco held what would be its first exhibition at Arundel Village in Harare. The event was held outdoors by a projecting images from local artists and photographers Laurie Macpherson, Kudzai “Exale” Chakaingesu, Dan Muwanigwa and Village Unhu onto a large screen.

The exhibition aimed to simply “bring art to the people” by showing the art to an unsuspecting audience and being careful to target a new spectators without prior exposure to the arts. Although AfroFresco is still very much a young organisation, the event had managed to win the support of Alliance Francaise de Harare and Gavin Peter (the creative director of HIFA) in the weeks before it launched.

Candles adorned the venue throughout the weekend where small groups stopped to dance or comment on the art that was selected under the theme “Inspiration”. Sunday was definitely the best night of the event with the renowned Sunset Jazz band holding a free jam session much to the delight of people passing by as they went about their last minute shopping.


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