Ubuntuism: Where Fashion meets Graphic Art

Ubuntuism is one of those brands so selective and cool that simply wearing one of their shirts will make you want to be a better person. From the rugged and afrocentric photos they put out, to their website that is in awe of people that live out the African ideal of “I am because we are.”, It is safe to say this T-shirt company has got it going on.

studio 83

ubuntuism clothing
Ubuntuism: “LOVE TRUTH PEACE HAPPINESS, Elevated African Heritage”

(pics from Studio 83)

ICAfrican Students: The Refreshingly Beautiful campaign.

One of the most refreeshing Social Media Campaigns we have come across so far, from Ithaca college, African students are using great photography and gorgeous pictures to break stereotypes. We first found them on twitter and could not resist sending them a message to let them know how much their work is appreciated, you should do the same https://twitter.com/ICAfrican

"Africans do not all look alike."

  “Africans do not all look alike.” “Africans do not all look alike.”

"Is that the Zimbabwean flag we see? Nice!"

“Is that the Zimbabwean flag we see? Nice!”

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(pics from https://twitter.com/ICAfrican )

One of The Reasons We Love Danai Gurira…


Danai Gurira as featured in Essence Magazine


“It’s all about self Love and the right to walk in this world the way we were created.”

-Danai Gurira.

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(pic from afrolistasandthecity.blogspot.com and Essence magazine)

Jepchumba: Creative Superhero.

Check out the African Digital Art site.  This trendy online space featuring everything from colourful posters to fashion trends is the brainchild of the Kenyan digital artist known as Jepchumba. Her passion for Africa’s arts scene has translated into a network of young (mostly African) creatives who are “pushing Digital Boundaries” in every way possible, and we love the way they are going about it!

Kabelo Ramasobane As Featured on ADA

Kabelo Ramasobane As Featured on ADA

Jepchumba made it onto the Forbes list of 20 Youngest Power Women in 2012, testament to the fact that the world is ready for this new brand of artists who are taking over Africa with their own refreshing brand of cool .

(pics from http://www.africandigitalart.com/ )

Sindiso Nyoni

behance        behance2         behance3

Work by the talented illustrator Sindiso Nyoni, Check out more of his work on his Behance account ( http://www.behance.net/guerillart). We hope you like it!

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Rebels Without Pause

Besides having a great name, these guys are doing a lot to show African fashionistas and cool kids in the most stylish way possible; this blog is everything, we love the way they tell their stories to the people they feature.

rebels without pause


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And These Gentlemen

The Sartists

Are the South African duo The Sartists, they are what happens when you mix art, fashion and history. They draw their inspiration from the fashion that defined historical moments . What do you think?

The Sartists


(pics from http://wolfeyebrows.wordpress.com/2013/10/21/the-sartists/)