Shoes by the Kenyan designer Emo, that are Afrocentric and cool. Just one of the few things that make us so proud to be of this continent 😉



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So what makes it “African”?

Ikire Jones' Trotter Coat

Ikire Jones’ Trotter Coat

We are so glad to see an African Fashion renaissance coming about, and just about everyone is feeling what the continent’s industry has to offer. From Erykah Badu rocking an Afrocentric attire for her Givenchy Ad, to designers like Ikire Jones doing us proud with their smooth elegance and Kente prints.

But now the baffling question; what makes Fashion “African”? You could argue that anything by an African designer immediately qualifies as African, but the media doesn’t seem to say so. Designers who are not producing green and yellow clashing prints and bright colours are not in the spotlight as much as their peers, as if to say somehow their work doesn’t stand for us. Surely there must be more to African design the staple look we are seeing now on runways; typically western clothes, but in bolder colours.

We want to hear your thoughts (especially the Fashionistas!), what makes an outfit African, is it about the print or the designer? from


Zimbo To Brag About…

Nyasha Matonhodze

Nyasha Matonhodze

Nyasha Matonhodze is a young lady taking runways worldwide by storm; she even became the spokesperson for Louis Vuitton.

Oh and did we mention she is still a teenager?

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Let’s Take a few minutes…

Burna Boy Let’s Take a few minutes…

To appreciate this man’s music. Burna Boy is a stylish Nigerian artist with an old school sound and flair that is so easy to be in awe of.
This video, from the outrageously cool colours, to the angles from which it is shot is a work of art in its own right! What do you think?

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