FlowChyld Interview: Keeping You Inspired

“Your dreams will certainly come true but probably not in the way you expect so let go and learn to trust in something higher and wiser than yourself…”

Here it is that long awaited interview with the talented Zimbabwean poetess Cynthia Marangwanda-Banda, stay inspired and stay creative.

A Scribe Called Tswa

“With a Pen
A child will come to understand the meaning in their name
A tribe will retrace their pathway to the beginning of their totem
A people might preserve their culture for tomorrow’s generations
A simple prophecy in graffiti on a city wall some rock paintings”


Besides having a cool name to go by, Tswarelo Mothobe, A.K.A. A Scribe Called Tswa, has so much talent he has been recognised by sites as big as World hip Hop Market as an artist worth looking out for. We hope his poetry inspires you as much as it moves us!

(pic from google+)

Ubuntuism: Where Fashion meets Graphic Art

Ubuntuism is one of those brands so selective and cool that simply wearing one of their shirts will make you want to be a better person. From the rugged and afrocentric photos they put out, to their website that is in awe of people that live out the African ideal of “I am because we are.”, It is safe to say this T-shirt company has got it going on.

studio 83

ubuntuism clothing
Ubuntuism: “LOVE TRUTH PEACE HAPPINESS, Elevated African Heritage”

(pics from Studio 83)